McHugh Violins


Welcome to McHugh Violins. We’re a full-service violin shop in Wichita, Kansas specializing in new and vintage instruments for professionals and students alike. We provide expert repair, restoration and adjustment services for violins, violas, cellos, basses and bows, to assure your instrument is in optimal playing condition. It is our aim to be a partner on your musical journey by providing credible and reliable services to meet your musical needs.  

*****I’m very happy to be stocking the Cherub WMT-565C Metronome Tuner. It does all of the usual tricks, with improved sensitivity for Bass, Cello, Guitar, Violin and Uke. PLUS…the temperature and humidity! The built-in hygrometer quickly relates the humidity as you move from home to say, a school or church environment. Knowledge is your best friend as we encounter the dry winter months. Just $24.99!*****



We offer a comprehensive selection of old and new violins, violas and cellos for sale. All sizes of instruments from 1/16 to full size violins; 12″ to 17″ violas, and 1/10 size to 4/4 size cellos. The range extends from correctly set up student violins, all the way to professional quality instruments and bows.

Fall 2023: We’re very excited to receive the first new handmade modern Italian violins in a while; these are from Vittorio Villa and Roberto Collini. More to follow!




Everyday work comprises bridges, peg and string fitting, crack work, seam gluings and varnish touch in. Long term restorations of fine instruments are always carried out carefully and correctly. Serious repairs include soundpost cracks, broken necks and extensive edge rebuilding.



We offer a full line of accessories. From strings, cases and fittings, chin and shoulder rests, quality rosins, we got you covered – all competitively priced!



We are happy to spend a few minutes giving free verbal evaluations and advice on old and new instruments. If it is deemed necessary, we may spend a little more time on a written evaluation, for a reasonable charge.



Just about everything -from everyday rehairs, tip plates, grips and windings to involved restorations. A fine bow may need a choice abalone shell eye or slide to replace a missing piece; we keep multiple shells from which to cut, shape and polish color-appropriate pieces.





We carry a good range of instruments, from student models to professional quality. We recommend that you visit with a friend, teacher or colleague and share the experience of both trying out and listening to instruments.We encourage you to visit the shop and try out instruments within a given range. Consider the purpose; do you want something loud and focused? Perhaps a darker sound? Hopefully you’ll like two or three, and will consider taking them for a period of approval. We allow one week for you try them out in the comfort of your own home, but it’s sometimes wise to hear them in a hall or auditorium to truly understand their capabilities.