We are excited to carry a wide range of cellos, from many popular distributors and makers. Our full sized, fully carved instruments range from around $2000 and go up to around $15,000. Historically, our most popular range is from $2000 to $6000, and this is why there are more to consider here. Ideally a customer might try a few in our showroom, then perhaps take two favorites for a short trial to show a colleague or teacher.

Most of the instruments are set up in our workshop. We do like the Wittner composite tailpieces, but we can use wood alternatives if a customer desires. We start with Helicore C and G, and Jargar D and A for our basic models. A little up the range you’ll see our standard Helicore/Larsen pairings, and in some cases Spirocore tungsten/Larsen pairs, or Spirocore tungsten/Versum Solo pairs, to produce the very best sound possible.