Local Teachers

Local Teacher Availability…

Although we don’t teach lessons in the store, we do make available the following information for your consideration. In general, most people ask about a teacher within a given geographic area. Below, we’ll try to mention in what part of town a particular teacher is, but remind you that the teaching quality may be worth a little longer drive than convenience….We don’t play favorites for diplomatic reasons, and the list is alphabetical. Just contact a couple of names and be specific about your needs or those of your student.

Choosing The Right Teacher

We cannot stress enough the importance of finding the best teacher for you or your child. You are best equipped to know the teaching style that’s most effective. Some personalities enjoy – maybe even require – firm boundaries within which to learn. Others need a fairly liberal approach with a little less pressure, in order to learn most easily. Discussions with a potential teacher should include teaching style, expectations, and even the type of music hoped for. There’s quite an assortment on our list, some more rigidly classical, and some happy to teach alternative styles such as jazz or fiddling. The better the teacher-student connection, the better the learning will be!