Restoration, Rehairs and Setup


We undertake instrument repairs from simple tasks to major restorations, here in our own workshop. Everyday repairs might include bridges, fingerboard dressings and edge gluing. We can rebuild edges and do touch-in varnish where necessary to bring back a polished look.

Longer term repairs include major crack repairs, top-off restorations, block replacement or neck grafts. Scroll repairs including bushings are common.

As a  musician, you understand the importance of a properly setup instrument. If you need professional assistance with your setup, you need McHugh Violins – A fine bridge, a sound post with a precise fit and position, a dressed finger board and pegs that function smoothly.

We understand how important it is for you to get exceptional sound and quality out of your instrument every time you play it – whether it’s a violin, viola, or cello, we can help you get the most our of your string instrument. All of our sound adjustments are done in the shop with you and your instrument with your satisfaction guaranteed.

Setup and Sound Adjustment

Bow Rehairs
and Restorations

We provide bow rehairs and restorations to keep your bow in top playing shape. We’re able to straighten sticks, replace leather wraps, renew silver or gold wire windings, and replace abalone inserts. Broken heads can be soundly repaired, although it tends to be done only on nicer quality sticks to justify the cost. Our bow rehairs always include a thorough stick cleaning to remove rosin build-up, and metal tarnish on the frog mountings.

We replace tip plates which so often become cracked and have a wide selection of materials from which to choose. Mastodon is the closest to real ivory, which of course we can no longer use. Two new materials are in common use which should finally put an end to the tiny cracks seen in bow head mortices. Tip Armor is a white carbon graphite-type material, very tough, but can be difficult to work with. Elforyn is a newer material which has a softness to be easily formed, and is more easily cut. It finishes nicely, and I’m quite impressed. We will be using more as time goes on.