We primarily carry 1/2 and 3/4 (standard size) basses in stock, but periodically get 1/4 and 1/8 sizes where necessary.  Basses are available in the following materials and combinations; we’ve added prices in order to give you an idea of range for each.


The ribs, back and top are made from a reasonably thin plywood, and the scroll, regular maple. These are durable for everyday use, and stand up well to Winter humidity fluctuations. We learned long ago to set these up with quality strings, and the difference is notable. The #100 series basses are priced at $2,000.00


Similar to the Plywood, but with a solid wood spruce top to emulate the resonance of fully carved basses. It’s a good compromise of sound and savings; our KC Strings #200 models are $2,600.00.

Fully Carved

All of the materials used are carved from solid woods. The back is most often cut from two pieces of maple wood, with the ribs and neck cut from the same stock. The table is of spruce and the fingerboard high quality ebony; tuners may be more refined. A new #300 carved model is $3,700.00.

K.C. Strings Basses

We are proud to carry the Stringed basses from K.C. Strings of Merriam, Kansas. Below you’ll see the models that we try to keep in stock most of the year, subject to availability.

We can obtain replacements in just a few days. There are of course levels of bass beyond these that you can find described at the K.C. Strings website (click on their logo) which we can acquire promptly, too.